My gear, Main KV, 2016

KTM Duke 200 - stunt bike

When I take a brake during my practice sesh I often catch myself staring at my bikes and thinking how cool they look, like whoa. It may sound weird, but anyways- I'm freaking in love with any kind of petrol-powered two wheelers. My favourite ones are the freestyle bikes with the orange frame :D

I'm riding the Duke 200 about 4 years now and me and my team put in a lot of effort to develope a good stunt bike on the KTM Duke basis. Starting from scratch, since there was no available stunt parts for the KTM bikes and we were the first to be  building them. It is a  long process, with lot's of testing and developing involved, but for me as a rider a very exciting one. When we make a new part or update the previous version I'm like a small kid, waiting eagerly that the boys finish them so I can try out the new toy. 

This year we have been focusing on improving the subcage, wheelie bar and the tank seat. The next project is to develope a perfect rear brake setup. Right now we are testing some new disc brakes that will replace the standard one. I need more bite in it, so I can use less power in my fingers. On top of that we need to find the perfect brake pads to fit the performance.

Anyways, here are some of random shots that my bud Head Lens took at the practice sesh here in France. If you want to pimp your Duke with the same parts as mine, check our online shop: